Updating Your Julia Installation (Dec 2021)

What it takes to update from a previous install of Julia on Mac/Linux

Python Pandas - Merging With Wildcards and Conditions

Merging two dataframes with pandas but only if certain conditions are true.

How Data Science Can Be Applied to Corporate Finance

In which I meander through the work of finance data scientists and how data science can be applied to corporate finance.

Making a Basic Corporate Plotly Template

TLDR on how to make a corporate themed plotly template

Getting Started with WSL for Data Analysis

My steps for a fresh install of Windows Subsystem for Linux for Data Analysis

Adding Plotly Charts to Markdown

Quick reference that shows options to add plotly charts to a markdown document

'Tie Fighter' Errorbar Charts in Python with Plotnine and Altair

ggplot2 for Python is definitely a thing. Oh, and Altair’s ok too.

Quick Bash Script for Complete Newbies

Basic shell scripting for everyday productivity.

Clean Sparkline-style Line Chart for Dash Cards

Code snippet to create a clean line chart to go in a Dash Card.

KPI Card with Dash Bootstrap Components

Code snippet to create a starter KPI card with Dash Bootstrap Components