Make a Basic PnL Dataframe in Pandas

Code snippet to create a PnL (Profit and Loss Statement) Dataframe in Pandas

Time Series Cheat Sheet in R

Getting started using the forecast package for time series data in R, as quickly as possible and no explanations.

How to Ask Good Data Questions

A collection of responses from Caitlin Hudon’s twitter thread on ‘how to ask a good data question.’ (Updated 2020-03-15)

What I'm Pondering: Screen Graphics and Why My Dashboards Suck

Today I learned that there are design studios who specialize in ‘Screen Graphics’ - the cool visual effects that shows up on computer screens in movies like The Martian and Blade Runner 2049. And then I wonder why our corporate finance dashboards seem to miss the mark.

How to set up ODBC in Mac OS to connect to MS SQL Server for use with Python and R

My local data mart runs on MS SQL Server, and I want to pull data directly into R or Python for data analysis. This is really easy on Windows with its' built-in ODBC manager, but I spent a weekend figuring out how to do this after switching to OSX. A lot of documentation out there is old (from 2012), so I decided to make this for anyone still looking for an answer in 2019.

Fast Excel with the Quick Access Toolbar

Excel is still the lingua franca of Corporate Finance and is blazing fast for quick, ad-hoc analyses. I learned early on to use excel without a mouse, and with the Quick Access Toolbar and some macros, you can even make Excel feel like a video game!

3 Habits to Improve Critical Thinking (from HBR)

From HBR: 3 Habits to Improve Critical Thinking by Helen Lee Bouygues. A good read for anyone looking to keep their critical thinking muscles sharp as told through stories from Bouygues' experience as a board member and consultant. They might seem obvious, but I’ll admit that I don’t always consider these.