Nelson Tang

Data Scientist

Why Am I Writing This?

In the quest to enable the most effective decision-making processes possible, I'm driven by a deep-seated fascination with data and science. This drive has its roots in my own experiences with making decisions that fell short when it mattered most.

Before my journey into the world of data science, I found myself leading convoys in the volatile city of Kabul during a particularly deadly year of the war. Threats loomed around every corner, particularly those posed by the individuals with ill intentions who hunted our convoys, seeking to harm anyone and everyone nearby. As the convoy commander, I was responsible for the safety and well-being of my people, and I relied heavily on our route-planning strategy to steer clear of danger.

Though my team and I survived unscathed, many others weren't so lucky. Those with decades of experience lost their lives, leading me to question my own decision-making abilities:

Was I really equipped to make sound decisions in such high-stakes situations?

After years of reflection, I realized that I relied too far heavily on instinct and intuition. I didn't acknowledge the potential benefits of quantitative methods to help me form more effective strategies, spot alternative options, and quantify uncertainty and risk. Undoing this mental model has been a long and arduous process.

Today, my journey involves a search for the advice and strategies I could have given my younger self, the mental models I could have used to make more effective decisions and reduce the inherent risks.

Through my ongoing learnings, I strive to share the insights I've gained here, along with other tips and tricks that come my way. If you're willing to lend a hand, let's connect and navigate this journey together.

Why Bandit Kings?

Oh, and if you're wondering about the name of this website, "Bandit Kings" was inspired by a Koei game that simulated historical events in ancient China - a game that was, in turn, influenced by the classic novel, "The Water Margin." The book is also responsible for the creation of the fantastic Suikoden series.